Whitby Fabrics Education Home Page

Welcome to the home for Whitby Fabrics Education. We thank you for visiting and hope that you can find everything that you are looking for.

As you can see things are starting to look different and some of the links might not work yet.  To get to our classes, click on the orange and pink buttons below. To get back to our main page, click here.

We do ask for your patience while we work on making things pretty and perfect. This is an ongoing exercise, meaning you might visit the site one moment and come back the next to something new. The newest feature is payment online, yippee! You can now pay for classes online through our Paypal portal using Paypal, Credit, or Debit Credit.

You may also notice that the branding will say SewEtc in a number of places. Do not fear, you are still looking at Whitby Fabrics classes. SewEtc is Nick and Erika's other store, and the platform for the site is built on its branding. This will also change as soon as we can. If you ever want to double check that you are looking at the right thing, just look for the (W) next to a class for Whitby.

Thanks again, explore, and enjoy!
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