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Come in to see us soon if you feel your machine is labouring because it may need some R&R. You may feel confident that your machine receives the best of care at SewEtc and Whitby Fabrics. We do the work with only quality parts on the premises at our Burlington (SewEtc) location.

Paul and Bert are fully qualified, factory-trained and authorized technicians, born with a screwdriver in their hands.

Our staff is trained to assess and assist our customers with their sewing machine and serger performance questions.

If our staff can’t figure it out, Paul and Bert will!

Tip: 80 % of the time, if you have a stitch problem, it’s a bad or wrong needle.

Before you bring in your machine...

Do you have everything?

You need to bring:

  1. Extra bobbin
  2. Zigzag plate
  3. Zigzag foot
  4. Foot control and cords
  5. Bobbin case

Before you bring in your serger...

Do you have everything?

You need to bring:

  1. Foot control and cords
  2. Cone holders
  3. Standard plate and foot
  4. Appropriate new needles

You also need to bring the following for Cover-Stitch Sergers.

  1. Coverstitch foot
  2. Coverstitch plate
  3. Coverstitch “bed” (Covers the knife and makes the entire surface flat.)

If your machine uses items that are different than the list below, please provide what is required to do a switch to the Coverstitch.

**Note: Our repair department sets up machines and sergers according to Industry Standards.