DIY Longarm Rental with Sew Etc

Join one of our wonderful educators for a day and experience the Platinum 3000 long-arm while completing your quilt. Our rental program bridges the gap between pushing your quilt through your own machine and having somebody else complete the quilt for you.

Over the course of the day one of our specialists will walk you through the process of choosing an appropriate design and thread for your quilt, loading your project onto the frame and actually using the automation for perfect and accurate stitching. We will customize the design to fit your project (edge to edge), and you will go home with a completed quilt ready for binding!

Prepping your quilt:

When you bring in your quilt for the rental program, the following points must be followed:

• The quilt top and backing must be pressed.

• The quilt back can NOT be a bed sheet

• If the quilt back has seams, the selvedges MUST be cut off and the seams pressed OPEN

• The quilt back must be trimmed on all sides to get a clean edge

• The batting must be either 100% cotton or an 80/20, cotton/poly blend – NO 100% polyester. We currently carry these and a washable wool which has a high loft and is very light.

• The quilt back and batting must be 4” LARGER than the quilt top on all sides

• You must be able to stand at the frame to pin the backing to the leaders, to roll up the quilt and start the rows. If your quilt is not perfectly smooth, you will have to stand at the frame while the machine is stitching to prevent ripples.

• Please bring a lunch with you

We do not require you to use our batting but batting must meet the criteria described above.

You will purchase at least two spools of King Tut thread the day of your booking to match your fabric, one for the top, and another for the bobbin. We have the full range of colours in solids and variegated, so you will be sure to find a good match.

Our fee and how to book:

Our price is a flat $30 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. Depending on the complexity of the design you choose, most projects will take 3-6 hours. We book 2 clients per day, one at 10am and one at 11am. Punctuality is very important. The 10am booking starts at 10am sharp and the 11am booking will start at 11am, no sooner. We do one quilt per frame per day. The only exception is 2 baby quilts. If 2 friends want to come in together, with 1 quilt each, they need to book BOTH frames. They can both come at 10, but we will not get to the second person until 11. We are currently booking up to 2 months ahead.

Contact us to set a day for your rental, and we look forward to seeing you and your project!